women in WW2-Sara Gatt Floridia

Women in world war two

Women in the house

Women in a world war were expected to be housewife's or do the house work. But on March 1941 woman were called up for war. Woman in world war 2 did jobs. These jobs were:

  • Nurses
  • Air raid wardens
  • Driving fire engines
  • Building ships
  • Plumbers
  • Tank drivers
  • Engineers
  • Mechanics
  • Working in a factory aircraft part and making bombs
  • Ambulance drivers
  • WRVS volunteers. Who workes in the factory
Woman poster trying toconvice woman to join the woman land army.

What was the woman land army ?
During the world war Britian wanted more food . In order to grow more food, more help was needed on the farms and so the government started the Women's Land Army. The land army was very helpful and got Britian more food.

When did the woman land army start?
The womans land army started in June 1939 .
What kind of jobs did the Land Army do?
The girls of the land army looked after animals, ploughed the fields, dug up potatoes, harvested the crops, killed the rats, dug and hoed for 48 hours a week in the winter and 50 hours a week in the summer.And more.The land army didn't get a hole lot of rest though.

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