The Blitz- Kendra Greasley 6R

The Blitz- WW2

What was the Blitz and when did it start and end?

The Blitz started in 1940 on september the 7th and ended in may 1941. The word Blitz is short for a german word called Blitzkrieg which means lightening war.

What were the shelters used during the Blitz?
During the Blitz people built shelters called the Anderson and Morrison shelters. The Anderson shelter were located in the gardens of people who could afford to have the built,however the morrison shelters were for the people that could not afford to have the anderson shelters built and they were located in people's houses. During the Blitz some families would just live in their shelters so that they would be more safe!

Extra facts about the Blitz!!!

During the Blitz there was a blackout in england which made many people get into car axcidents.
Sadly in the Blitz around 2000 people died which is alot! Every few hours for the whole day the sirens were on warning families to get into their bomb shelters before the bombs dropped.

Websites to find out more about the Blitz!

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