Soldiers - Nils Malmros 6R

When the war began in 1939, there were soldiers needed to help fight the war. Men volenteered to become soldiers.

British Soldiers

Britian had 875,000 men enlisted.

In 1940, Britian had two million men - between the ages of 19-27 - were 'called up'. Which meant that they were being ordered to be trained, then fight.

Soldiers captured by the enemy bacame known as 'Prisoners Of War' or, 'POW' for short.

The most famous prison camp for POWs was called Colditz.

The men that were either too old, or too young - or just unfit for war - became the Home Guard.

Home Guards protected the coastline of Britian. Incase Germans invaded, they were there to defend against the attack.

Roughly about 2.2 million to 2.5 million soldiers died during World War II.