Sinking of the Bismark - Robert Henriksen

  • The Bismarck was German
  • It was used in WW2
  • It was first set to sea Febuary 14th 1939
  • The bismark was used in world war 2
  • The bismark was laid down July first 1939
  • It sunk may 27th 1941
  • The lenghth is 450.5 meters
  • It faught in the Atlantic Ocean

The Bismark

  • It was one of the hardest navy shipto bring down
  • This war ship had eight guns
  • The fire cycle is 25 bullits per second
  • It was named after Otto Van Bismark
  • It was armed with 15 inch main guns
  • It had two turretes
  • Going full speed it could go 30 knots
  • 8,294 tons of fuel went into the tank
  • It carried 4 wing war planes
  • Ernst Lindemann was the captain of the Bismark

The Bismark is a German war ship, it faught in world war 2 in the Atlantic Ocean. It was one of the hardest war ship to bring down. The Bismark was first set to sea Febuary 14th 1939.

The Bi
The Bismarks turrets
smark carried up to 8,294 tons of fuel. Also on board it has two turrets, it is armed with15 inch main guns. The hight of the guns were 38cms,mounted in 4 turrets. The bullits went as far as 23.6 miles. The 15 inch guns weighing 1,700 pounds each. It has a secondery gun 5.9 inches mounted in six turrets it's fire cycle is 25 minutes per second, it also carried 4 winged war planes. There were 75 admiral officers,there was also a crew of 2,200 officers.

Ernst Lindemann the captain of the Bismark
Bismarks captain was named Ernst Lindemann, he was born on the 28th of Mach1894. He was working for the Bismark from 1913 - 1941. Ernst fought in the spanish Civil War, WW1 (World War 1)and he fought in WW2. He also went to the Battle of Denmark lindemann won the Knights Cross Of Iron
Looking down at the Bismarks front deck