Propaganda Posters-Ryan Williams-Smith

Woman poster_1.jpgWar Effort Posters
These posters were to try and encourage women to help join in with the war effort. This included making ammunition and weapons. Also farming the land to produce food for the nation. When the men were away fighting somebody in their home country had to continue the manual labour tasks.

Public Annoratfairshare.jpguncement Posters
When looking at these posters, they tell us information that people should all be aware of, ways to help towards the war effort. The public were to be made aware of a wide range of things, from personal security to general conduct of themselves, this included: rationing, carriage of identity cards, gas masks and loose talk.

Axis posters
Some of the Propaganda posters were used to make the soldiers, sailors' and airman believe that they were the best forces during the war. It also made them think that what they were doing was right and they were fighting for a just cause. Many pictures used show men and women of a young innocent age.
Allied Postposter_2.jpgers
Allied posters were used to stir people’s emotions in the dangers of the unfolding war. It made people and countries aware of the situation and encouraged them to support their nations.