Preparing for war - Kelly Price 6Red

What the men and women wore during the War:

The men would wear suits (always polished shoes) and felt hats. Trench coats were oftenworn as well.People took great pride in dressing during WW2.
A man in WW2 clothing.
The women would wear a scarf tied in the front to keep their hair out of their faces. Also women wore suits and hats and sun dresses. They also wore ankle socks with thick heels and high heels. They were really in to fashion at the time.
A women in WW2 clothing.

A weapon that was used in WW2.
What weapns did they use during the war:
The weapons that the used were Tanks, automobiles, air crafts, different variety of guns and rifles, U-boats, destroyers, cruisers, convoys, air craft carriers, radar, grenades, flamethrowers, chemical gas(illegal), swords and knives, V1 and V2 missles, cannons, mines, atomic bombs and many more.

A shelter that was used in WW2.
What they used as shelters during the war:

Here are two types of shelters that were used in WW2 - Anderson shelters ( a small house shaped structure made of corrugated iron ) and the Morrison shelter ( for those who didn't like sleeping out side during the day, its a table/bench and by night its a structure with crossed iron wire and wooden edges).

Where did they put the bombs to go off:
They hide their bombs in the air because if they hide the bombs in ground it might go of on the wrong time and will just make a bid hole in the ground. And dropping bombs from the sky was easier to know were to drop the bombs and it wouldnt make a great big hole in the ground.

A bomb going off in WW2.