WW2 Evacuation By:Julita Hanekom  Y6R
Children ready for evacuation
Where were they evacuated to?Parents had a choice to evacuate their children.All the children that were evacuated were evacuated to the country side.The country side was the place to be evacuated to because it was not bombed.
One way of evacuation
How did they get evacuated?

All children had to meet at their school and then their teacher would walk them to the train/bus station where they would leave. If the children were younger than a certain age they were acompaned by their mum. Their dads had to fight in the war.

A postcard from an evacuee
Communicating with their mum and dad. Children were able to comunicate with their parent using a postcard or by writing a letter. They did not use telegrams because they were only used in emergancies.
Name tags
What did they take with them?Every evacuee had to take with them a gas mask, just for incase they got bombed. They had limited space on the train bus so they could only take things likea)one pair of socksb)their coatc)a toothbrushd)hair brush or comband a 24hr packed lunch. The children were adveced to take a rucsack with them so their hand are free. Having all of those things the last and most important thing they needed was theire name tag.
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