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In World War two one of the most important things was entertainment, it was important because it kept everyone happy and informed during the worst times.


Although televison was invented by then not many people had them so they went to the cinema for entertainment. But because of the war in September 1939 the goverment closed down all the cinemas. Later the goverment realised the mistake they made and that they needed them to tell the public the news on the war. Pathe news told the citizens of britan how the war was going. the cinema also was a place for the people to see information films to tell people how they had to behave during the war. Other films told people to keep quiet incase a German spy heard anything.


Tommy Trindewas as well as Tommy Handley were famous comedians in world war 2.

entertainment_comedy.jpgTommy Trinder



Most families did not have the televison until the 50s or 60s so they used the radio.Most people in britan had a radio and it kept them informed as well as the cinema what was happening in the war. Music also played on it and that was one of the main reasons the radio was famous. There were also comedy and talk shows. The radio kept everyone cheerful and happy all the time.
Childrens entertainment
In World War 2 nobody had video games so for entertainment children played with toys or read mainly girls played with dolls and boys with board games because they were not allowed to go outside!

Sports When the war started most sports events were stopped like cricket and football.

The three most famous singers in world war two were Vera Lynn Gracie Fields and Anne Shelton


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