Children in WW2 - Holly Larkin

When the World War 2 started the children at school have to practice to put on their gas masks. It was very serious in those times.
  • Many children parents got taken to jail because some of those people are Jews.

  • When it was time for evacuation the children were taken to the countryside where it was safe.

  • The children didn’t know what was happening to them so some were excited some were sad.

Children ready to be evacuated.
When they got to the countryside the teachers were trying to find a place for them to stay. The mums who are pregnant had to go with them.

  • The sisters and brothers some were separated. But some were not.

  • The children have to wear and card tag that goes round your neck. On the card it has to say: name, birth, destination, your school number, tooth brush toothpaste and a brush.

  • They contact their family by letter or postcard.

  • The mum and dad had to pick if they want their children to leave them.

  • On the 12 July 1945, 45,317 children came back to England. But when they got there some mums and dads have died.

  • They were evacuated on trains and buses 50 % of them was evacuated.

  • The children got evacuated on Sunday September 1939.

  • The government was in charge of the posters and tell them to let go your kids for safety.

  • At school they had to practice but their gas marks on.

  • Nearly two million children was sent away.

  • They were taken to the countryside and lived with strangers.

  • The children had to live next to the church.

  • They were standing in the train station not knowing where they were going. They didn't know if they were going to see their family ever again.

  • Evacuation started when the goverment was worried that hitler was starting a new war.

  • The bulleting officers was incharge of the evacuees where to take them.

  • They felt scared to go away from their family but they had to go away and make new friends.

  • The goverment thought that children under 5 would be scared of the gas masks so they designed to look like mickey mouse. Its colour was red and blue.

  • Blue rationed books were for children from 5 years to 16 years of age. It felt important for children to eat fruit, the full meat ration and a half pint of milk a day.

  • They were taken to the village hall to see the billeting officer. the billeting officers had to see who they had to stay with.
    Propaganda poster

These are the people who got evacuated:

  • pregmant woman ( 12,000 )
  • school children ( 827,000 )
  • Mothers with children under five ( 524,000 )
  • some disabled people

I hope you learnt alot about children in world war 2.